Welcome to the iChallenge

This is the GPS-Rallye of the next generation, working with the latest developments in computer technology. While in conventional geocaching participants use simple mobile GPS navigation devices, the iChallenge is based on the multifunctional communication-electronics of the iPad.

The iChallenge is the original of the tablet rallies in Germany. As a specialist and market leader for adventure rallies with GPS devices and tablets we have already conducted more than 350 events. Our professionalism and experience is a guarantee for your successful team event at every place on earth.

Our highest priorities are service and flexibility regarding location, duration, group size and contents. Send us an un-binding inquiry or call us for a personal counselling.

The perfect adventure for your team!

In this high-tech adventure you will play together or against each other, but always against time. The teams will move through your desired location and look for geocaches, QR-codes, photos, sights and they will have to solve riddles, answer questions and – if desired – have to solve tasks related to your company. With a variety of conceptual upgrades the iChallenge is an enjoyable and challenging city tour and at the same time an exciting team challenge.

A set of additional features like integrated chat, evaluation pages or TeamView will make the iChallenge a memorable experience.

No matter if as a team building event or as an incentive, as a sightseeing tour through the city or to communicate the values of your company, we will fit the iChallenge to your desires.

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